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The story

It was a nice autumn evening in 2017 and I was drinking my coffee near the Doberdob Lake in Italy’s Karst province. I just took the VW oldimer for a ride for the weekend to enjoy the last warm days. I was excited because days before we had a very nice talk with the guys who rent these campers. I said to Miha and Nejc that this could be done, that this is the future and we should do it. Because sooner or later, others will start converting good old cars into electric.

So, the goal was set and to make it true, we took action. While the guys from BalkanCampers found a “new” T3 for this mission – they call him Nikola – I put all the energy to find a place or workshop where I could start with the project of converting the van. Many good things could happen when the right people came together and with the help of Jernej (Katapult) and the Municipality of Zagorje, we finally found the place “to be”.

Even before the van came to Zasavje, I was developing, programming and testing the new electric circuits for this project. I chose Arduino, Nextion and other open source solutions to deal with the task. The last step was to register the institute and start with the conversions.

We are happy to share our knowledge and adventures with you in this small “digital window” called, hope you will enjoy our future/journey.

“Take risks now and do something bold. You won’t regret it”.
Elon Musk

Vasja Markič
CEO of Elec3go Institute,
Trbovlje, Slovenia