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  • Conversion of old fashioned cars to 100 % electric with zero emissions without spoiling their vintage look and behavior.
  • The Zasavje inhabitants will have the possibility to create a cleaner environment for themselves and learn a more efficient use of transport resources.  This could be achieved when purchasing or sharing an electric car.
  • Spread the idea of car-sharing among people locally and worldwide.
  • Place Zasavska region above other regions in Slovenia in electrical mobility with the knowledge and competences in this sector and employ high-tech personnel.
  • Encourage investors and partners to invest in and build networks of electric charging stations and offer car-sharing with electric cars in Zasavje.
  • Offering young students additional professional education in the form of practical training (on real life cases of electric car conversions).
  • Establish a program for practical skills education in the Erasmus+ program and attract students worldwide to learn in a practical way. This could be done with the collaboration with youth centers and other partners in the region.
  • Offer an active exploration of our region (hiking, biking, cooking, cultural heritage – museums …) to our costumers during the process of conversion.