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Go Green

Think globally, act locally!

Yes! We can change many things around us. But first, our attitude, behavior, thinking. Not only by purchasing an electric car. Why even buying a car, if we usually drive it twice per week? Why not share it with our neighbors? So many air conditioning in each house or flat. Why not cool down the city with shade, with trees – with other benefits they bring?

And where you usually go for a coffee in the summer? Under a nice shade of a tree, the coffee seats are always full. We always look for a parking lot under the tree, don’t we?

It was not a coincidence, that our logo has a green color in the c3 part. With little imagination you can see a canopy of a tree, my daughter said that this is so obvious to see. You can name us with the tree or with the number three, both are ok and fine.

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in Europe, more than 50 % is covered by forest, which makes me proud of that. But our concrete jungles are lacking the benefits of the trees and there is room to improve that. Let’s go to work and plant a tree, if not for ourselves, for our kids and nephews!