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Posts published by “Vasja Markič”

Re-wiring Nikola

Vasja Markič 0

While in our high school we got foundings for a similar project (an EV car model for students powered by DIY 18650 cells, RaST project), our Nikola is starting to…

Switches and connectors

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Because we want keep the original interior as much as possible, we have to reuse all the switches in the cabin. Looking after some old wiring diagrams would make us…


Vasja Markič 1

Don’t throw away your old or broken laptop, netbook, e-bike battery, power bank … The Li-Ion cells inside the pack could be just fine, most times the BMS (battery management…

Nikola is Wireless!

Vasja Markič 0

Well, really is – naked! I pulled out all the wires from Nikola and took measurements to find which connectors/wires turn on the lights, turning lights, wipers and other actuators…

The workshop is ready!

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And Nikola is safely inside, waiting for a new electric “life”. Just a short video down below to get an idea, how the place looks. And yes, there is still…