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Re-wiring Nikola

Vasja Markič 0

While in our high school we got foundings for a similar project (an EV car model for students powered by DIY 18650 cells, RaST project), our Nikola is starting to blink, make some sounds, show some icons on the new display … yes, we made a new extension board for the Arduino Mega controller and wire it together with the 16-channel relay module into a nice waterproof box. Some c++ code has to be rewritten and now the lack of input interrupts was resolved in a software program solution. Now the MCU works really fast and well! A lot of time was spent in placing the wires (under) the van, drilling holes, soldering connections, testing the LED new lights – all in all, it was soo fun. And we are still at the beginning of our conversion! Please enjoy the short clip: