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Switches and connectors

Vasja Markič 0

Because we want keep the original interior as much as possible, we have to reuse all the switches in the cabin. Looking after some old wiring diagrams would make us headaches, so instead we used a universal mulimeter and test all the connections in all positions. We find almost all but the horn wires … never mind, there is still time to do that, meanwhile I wrote down the meaning/function of each wire.

The left connector is for the turning lights (and I think also for the horn), the second is for wipers, the third and the last for the headlights (blinking and two state function).

The three switches are very interesting – both emergency stop light and day/park lights will be reused, while for the ventilation we have still to wait for the PWM controller for the fan. Hope we can also reuse this particular 3-state switch!

key switch

Finally the main key switch. It has 4 positions/functions:
A – no key, B – key inserted, C – contact/drive position, D – alternator ignition. In the conversion the D position is unusable.

Grey & Red … ON when A and B, OFF when C and D
Black & Red … ON when C and D, OFF when A and B
Black (thin) & Black-yellow … ON when C
Black-Red & Red ON when D